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Body-Mind-Spirit Elixir

Sale price$25.00

Specialized alcohol/honey/glycerin extract formula to support the entire endocrine system, starting at the top with fresh organic Holy Basil and cascading down with extracts of organic Ashwagandha root, organic Gotu Kola, organic Roses, and organic Cardamom. Just a touch of sweetness.

Body-Mind-Spirit Elixir
Body-Mind-Spirit Elixir Sale price$25.00

herbal healing

Earth-grown elixirs

Made from only the best extracts from locally sourced herbs.

plentiful benefits

natural ingredients

Earth - made medicine. Perfectly extracted, hand bottled, and delivered right to your door.

our promise

Nature's abundance

Traditional ingredients meet our modern processing techniques. Each of our elixirs are hand pressed, mixed, and bottled.