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herbal tea blends

Natural revitilization

Clean pressed tinctures


Hand crafted, for your body

Relief & remedy


texas medicinals

pressed in house

Get the most from every drop. Our entire operation keeps you in mind, from seed to consumption, using fresh & dry herbs.

Safely sourced

60+ vendors help us maintain our organic quality in every single product we touch.

natural relief

No harmful toxins or additives in any of our products. Alcohol is just one of the ways we extract the benefits from the herbs. We also use honey, glycerin, and oils.

Sacred Journey

Herbalist education

Learn natural medicine for yourself. Click to be redirected to the Sacred Journey School of Herbalism. Lead by our original founder, herbalist Ginger Webb.

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Ancient medicine meets traditional practices, with a present - day touch.

24 years and counting

Founded in 2010 by Herbalist Ginger Webb. In late 2023 Texas Medicinals was acquired by Nicole Al Rashid, one of Gingers' long-time students and fellow central Texas herbalist. Our refined selection of ingredients has been curated through nearly two and a half decades of testing, treating, and remedying illness.


About Nicole: Nicole Al Rashid is a Central Texas native and female business owner herbalist. True to the historical dedication to quality and natural medicines, Nicole operates Texas Medicinals with the same original recipes and continues to press all of our tinctures and elixirs by hand in central Texas.


We don't let anything go to waste. Enjoy our selection of teas, tinctures, elixirs, candles, lotions, and more.


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